which moment are we supposed to live in?

wishes and dreams

I want to eat what I like
I want a drink when my long day is through
I don’t want to gain any weight
I want to look just the same as I do

I want to play in my garden
I want to watch “too much” tv
I want to fool with my computer
I never want to run out of money

I want to help with our planet
I want others to help with it too
I don’t want our kids to be poisoned
by the careless things that we do

I don’t want my parents to die
but I want to be brave if I must
I don’t want to worry about so many things
but try as I might, it’s a bust.

So these are my hopes and my dreams
And I don’t think my list is that awful
My dreams run me crazy but I don’t really mind
’cause at least what I love is still LAWFUL.

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