About Alexa; it’s a new day…

if I am known for anything, it is a strong sense of humor. Laughter has saved me many times, through many difficulties.

If I can’t laugh, I guess I’m  dead. I find humor in rotten things. I don’t ever mean to laugh at someone else’s expense. I’m a nice person and well raised. I just see humor in so much. As a flight attendant, this served me well. As a business owner, again, laughter was a huge plus. As a corporate wife, I did my best, laughing all the way. As a scorned woman (see? that makes me laugh to type  ‘scorned’), I finally found my sense of humor again. this is painful as hell but life is a crapshoot. IMHO I think it matters more how you manage than what cards you get. He cheated. She was a friend. I am pissed. Yep. But, I get my little pieces here and there and smile. Belly laugh. Laugh til I cry. Thank God for that.