costco shopping

ok. I love costco. I cannot imagine NOT loving costco except for my best friend, Gloria. oddly, Gloria doesn’t feel or see the need to buy a years’ supply of something in one trip. I hope I never catch what she has.

so, going to costco means having a huge basket. you will not manage to walk out with things only in your hands, unless you are clark howard. he’s good at everything to do with saving money. he’s a God to me.

have any of you women ever bought those little round ‘cosmetic’ pads? they are a bit larger than a silver dollar. they are quilted. mostly intended to help remove make-up. I suppose they could have many uses.

I bought some at costco. that means I got a package of 8 sleeves, 200 pads to a sleeve. I use them constantly but haven’t made a dent. yesterday I discovered a new use and just have to share it with you. a coaster! that’s right: a coaster. how many coasters do you have that don’t absorb? I have lots. they are adorable. they match my decor. they puddle water on top and then either fall off of the glass and break, or scare me half to death when they fall.

so, I’m having an ice cold glass of water and it begins to condense. I am constantly putting something between the glass and the coaster. I had left one of those wonderful little round doohickes on my table after doing my nails. I plucked it up and stuck it on my coaster. what an invention!! I might repackage them and sell them myself as ‘coaster pals’ or something. all evening, as I refilled my water glass that little sucker held on tight. I am enamoured of this item. during the course of the evening, it swelled with pride and moisture. my coaster was great, my glass was great and my little ‘disc’ was easily disposed of when I took my water glass to the kitchen.

I feel like I’ve won. start the music!