Hostess Gifts…..scary huh?

costco: ok. gotta say it. they have ‘packages’ all the time. grab one or two. they are usually over-sized so you can split them up, embellish them in your own way and put them on your ‘I need a present right now dammit’ shelf. this has saved me.
* a wonderful bloom or two from your garden is always a treat. I am fortunate enough to have some beautiful flowering plants. in spring, my peonies are dinner plate sized. putting one in a vase with a nice little ribbon and some green that I snipped off of something, is beautifully received. we all get so many vases over the years. I give them away freely. I keep the ones I love, of course, but all the ones from so many different places, now find themselves in different places. I won’t miss them.
* one time a neighbor came over, carrying an enormous (HUGE) onion from the farmers market, tied with a ribbon. it was the hit of our gathering. don’t forget fresh produce during summer. this thing was much larger than a softball. I loved the gift.
* bringing a flowering plant always works. if the person you are gifting has a black thumb, the flowering plant will at least give them joy for a while. bring instructions and the name so they can check about care if needed.
* one year, everyone who visited me loved a particular flower in my garden. that season, I collected seeds from the plant. I put the seeds in a little envelope, with instructions for planting and sun. wrapped it in a cute ribbon and gave it to several people during the holidays when I went to their homes. everyone was thrilled to realize they could grow my flowers they had admired. cheap. easy. just takes a little bit of planning.
* if you want to take a bottle of alcohol, there is always wine. if you do, please make it a nice bottle. I just put a pretty ribbon on the neck, make a little card to hang onto the ribbon so they’ll know who it’s from, and it looks great. otherwise, I gift liqueurs. just a little bit special, IMHO. I like giving them.
* if you are going to stay over, you MUST include a meal of some sort. buy them breakfast, lunch or dinner at least every 3 days or take a very nice food basket or have it delivered before you arrive. and, if they have a pet, include a treat for that member of the family as well. they will never forget your thoughtfulness.